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A short fanfic, Jas version

<Ami-chan> chat with *her* and total nutcase? Never!
<Li-chan> Someone's gonna get it soon... :)
<Cechan> AHH!!!!! ami-chan! come here, now!!!! *falls in tears* he hates me, hates me... sob sob
<Ami-chan> Don't cry Cechan, don't cry, it was Suboshi's joke
<turning to Suboshi> Suboshi, how *dare* you disguise as me and make Cechan cry!
<Suboshi> *gulps* It was a joke! I swear!
<Cechan looking up> Gotcha. *grin*
<Suboshi> hehe, I knew I didn't make you cry!
<Ce-chan> *falling in tears* mummy, I want my mummy!!!
<Amiboshi> brother!!!!!!!!
<Suboshi> enough already!
<Amiboshi, taking Ce-chan in his arms> now now, it's all right Pheb! come on....
<Lichan> Aw man, not a mushy scene again! Suboshi, did you *have* to make her cry?
<Suboshi> But.. but.. but...
<L> Geez ami-chan, how naive can you get? You fall in Cechan's same plot every time? Don't you know she just wants you to hug her again?
<Cechan coldly giving the evil eye> you were *saying* Lichan?
<L> *GULP*
<Amiboshi> hehe, I like to fall in her trap you know, I wouldn't fall if I wasn't enjoying this myself duh!
<Lichan> WHAT?????
<Suboshi *astonished*> I don't understand a thing
<Amiboshi> you're too young bro!
<Cechan *smiles* >
<Suboshi scratching his head> I missed something again?
<Lichan> You're too young Suboshi-san, you're too young...
<S> Huh?
<L> Just think of you and Yui and you'll get the picture
<S> *blushes* Oohhh...
<L> *grins* *now* he understands...
<Suboshi and Cechan hugging each other> *BIG GRIN*
<Cechan> but... why are you hugging me suboshi? it was supposed to be amiboshi not you
<Amiboshi> he'll replace me, I have to get my flute, there's a song coming to my mind
<Celes> don't go!!!!!
*exit Amiboshi*
<Celes>starts crying
<Amiboshi enters plays Pagasus fantasy>
<Celes> huh? where did you get that from!!!
<enters Seiya> Cechan! I missed you so much!! <goes and hug her> NOw wait a minute... who are these guys? and why are you glomping MY Cechan!!
<Cechan> *glup*
<Celes, standing, dragging Seiya out of the room> don't you see I'm busy with friends, now I'll see you later, ok? *Closed the door, leening on it* Phew! I thought I was gone for!
<Ami> who's he?
<Lichan> Pheb exboyfriend.
<Celes> But I Like you best *falling in Ami's arms*
<Seiya banging on the door> Cechan! Cechan! Why are your treating me like this?!!!
<Ami> The guy sounds desperate
<Cechan> Don't bother about him
<loud wailing noise coming from Seiya> But Cechan didn't even break up with me!!!!
<C openeing the door> Everything is over between us?
<Seiya VERY puzzled> Huh? What?!! WAAAHHH!
<Saori, Miho, Shaina coming in> COME TO US SEIYA!!
<Seiya with a BIG happy smile on his face> *grins* at least *some* people ... are still faithful to me. Guess my charm and good looks still work!
<Lichan holding head between hands> What an ignorant pompous fool... :)))
*they leave*
<Celes> at last! phew!
<Amiboshi> wow, he sure has many grils over him
<Celes> yeah...
<Suboshi> bro aren't you jealous he had Celes as a girlfriend
<Amiboshi *astonished *>
<Ami> What do you mean?
<Suboshi> Oh, nothing.
<Amiboshi> explain
<Suboshi> the weather is nice you know
<Celes> Lia, why don't we go get some food for the tea break?
<Lichan> good idea,like this, we'll leave the bros together!
<Ami looking at bro> *glares* *deep glares*
<Suboshi looking elsewhere> la la la la.....
<Seiya enters *looks like he's been crying*>
<Seiya> you two still here? where's Celes?
<Suboshi> she went to the ktchen to eat.
<Seiya, taking suchan by his shirt> so you're her new boyfriend! I will...
<Suboshi> no I'm not, it's my bro!
<Amiboshi> indeed
<Seiya> I'm gonna!!!!
<Ami> *playing flute*
<Seiya> ZZZzzzzzzzz
<Ami dusting off his shirt> See, no pro at all!
<Celes and Lia enters with cakes and stuff>
<Cechan> what you killed Seiya???? Why you!!!
<Amiboshi> he's just dreaming that you're back with him
<Cechan> not a chance!
<Amiboshi *smiling*> that's a good news!


<enters Tamahome looking *very* kawaii>
<Ce-chan leaving Ami's arms> TAMA-CHAN!!! *hugs him until he turns purple*
<Tama-chan> *GASP* Help! I need AIR!!!!
<enters Miaka>
<Miaka> Tama... Tamahome! *looks at him, tears start forming in her big eyes* Tama... Tama...TAMAHOME!!! *leaves the room running out*
<Tama-chan> MIAKA! Damn! Get off me Ce-chan!
<Cechan blushing> Ooppss... sorry Tama-chan! But I simply couldn't resist!
<Tama-chan runs out to pursue his beloved Miaka>
<Amiboshi> Ce-chan? What was *that* all about?!
<Ce-chan> *blushes* ... but I love you best Ami-chan! *innocent look*
<Ami-chan> Sigh. Who could resist her when she turns these beautiful pleading eyes of hers on you?
<Li-chan> *groan of immense pain* Aw man, not the *puppy* eyes again....
**BONK** Hey! Ce-chan! Why'd'you hit me on the *head* for?!!! *staring angrily*
<Ce-chan> *whistling innocently and hugging Ami-chan again*
<Seiya wakes up and sees the scene> *starts crying* WAAAHHH!!!!!
<enters Tasuki>
<Li-chan starry-eyed> Ta...Ta... Tasuki-sama!!!
<Tasuki> *staring at Seiya* Who's he?!
<Li-chan still a bit starry-eyed> Ce-chan's ex-boyfriend.
<Seiya> *cough* *gasp* *splutters* EX-?!! *starts crying again* WAAAHH!!!!!
<Tasuki> This whinny brat? He's more a girl than a man!!
<Seiya forgetting to cry> WHAT !!!! *turns deadly red*
<enters Saori, Shaina and Miho> SEIYA-SAMA WHERE WERE YOU!!!! *glomps him again all three*
<Seiya all puffed up with pride> *making a show of his manliness* You were saying?
<Tasuki looking offended> Humpf. I hate girls anyway.
<Li-chan looking suddenly downcast> You do?
<Tasuki> Except you coz....
<Li-chan> *smiling*
<Tasuki> ... I don't consider you as a girl.
*** BONK!!!!***
<Li-chan enraged!> WHAT??!!!!!!!!
<Tasuki> Why did you do *that* for!!!
<Everybody staring at him> You deserve it.
<Tasuki protesting> It was a *compliment*
<Everybody> You *still* deserve it.
<Tasuki> I'm sulking.
<Everybody> *grins*
<Tasuki real angry> That's IT. I'm gonna *takes his weapon* LEKHA SHINEN!!!
<Tama-chan who just entered> *looking very smoky* TASTUKI!!!!! YOU BURNT ME ON PURPOSE!!!!
<Tasuki grinning> Sorry Tama!
<enter Hotohori-sama>
<Saori, Shaina, and Miho hugging onto him fiercely> SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!
<Hotohori-sama looking disdainfully> I know, I know. *smiles*. Sigh. My own beauty stupefies me sometimes. *looks suddenly down at Seiya who has been hugging him too* ... excuse me but why are *you* hugging me for?!!
<Seiya mesmerized> Oh beautiful lady...
<Hoto-chan> Erm Hum! I'm a G-U-Y
<Seiya astonished> You are?!!
<Everybody nods>
<Seiya, quickly releasing his grasp and looking at the girls glomping Hoto-chan>
Saori! Miho! Shaina! Why are you hugging him?!! *desperate look in eyes*
<the girls> Go away, don't disturb us while we are in adoration before Hotohori-sama.
<Hoto-chan> Sigh. What can I say, I'm irresistable.
<enters Nuriko>
<Nuriko glaring at the girls> WHAT!!! N-O-B-O-D-Y hugs Hotohori-sama but ME!!!
***BOOTS*** ... <Saori, Shaina and Miho are seen flying through the rooftop.>
<Nuriko rubbing her hands> There, *much* better.
<Saori's voice in the distance> You will *pay* for this!!! Nobody attacks Athena and gets away with this!!!
<Li-chan> Sigh. Did you *have* to do that Nuriko-chan?
<Nuriko> *smiles with satisfaction*
<Li-chan> Forget I even asked.
<Seiya still whining> *sob* *sob*
<Li-chan smacking her head> Good grief Seiya *stop* it!!
<Seiya between two sobs> I...*sniffles* I...*sniffles*... I CAN'T!!!
<Tasuki smiling> Do you want me to flame him?!!
<Hotohori majestically> No. I have a better idea. Nuriko?
<Nuriko smiling even more widely> It would be a *pleasure*.
<Seiya flying away> .... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Li-chan looking around surprised> Where's Ce-chan? Where's Ami-boshi?!
<Secret smiles from Suboshi>
<Li-chan> Forget I even *asked* that.
<enters Saori as Athena, Shaina in her armor, Miho with a big spatula and kitchen knife and the Bronze saints, Seiya included>
<Saori/Athena> You will *pay* Suzaku Seishis for having offended the honor of the mighty goddess Athena.
<Suzaku Seishis and Bronze saints in battle position>
<Li-chan> *smacking her head* Good GRIEF!! Will this story have NO *END* !!!!!


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