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A small story

Lichan *via mails*: have you seen your Ami-chan yet? Aw.... couldn't you lend him to me for a day? *BIG GRIN*
Celes: NO WAY!
Amichan *coming in*: what is it?
Cechan: no..nothing
Amichan *reading the mail*: LOL!!!
Cechan*astonished*: what's so funny?
Amichan *smiling*: I didn't know I belonged to you, Cechan.

<Poor guy, he doesn't know *half* of the story... :))>

Cechan *turning red*:... you don't exactly do... but...
Amichan: don't worry Pheb, It's all right! I'm staying with you. I wouldn't want to get flamed by Tasuki for stealing his girlfriend, nor would I want to let my brother get you while I'm gone: I want to stay with you.
Cechan *relieved*: cool!

<Aw... fried Ami-chan anyone? No? o.k. :)>

Lichan *entering*: but only for a day???
Amichan: a day is a year, so if I spend a day only with you, it'll be 2 years without seeing Cechan for me!!! you can't make me suffer that!!

<humpf. Figures. Too much staying with Ce-chan and he starts spluttering Maths! :) and no, a day is not relaly equivalent to a year. It depends on the speed the book is written. For example, if the guy reading the book says "2 months have passed", 2 months will *have* passed in the book. *but*, if he read for example "the next day", only one day will have passed while on our world in the exact same seconds of before! :)>

Lichan *sadistic grin*: why not?
Celes *sigh*: I think she's getting my sadistic habits now!!!
Amichan: you taught her that?!?!?!
Cechan: ...
Lichan: LOL, of course she did! why? you thought she was nice, pure, and kind???
Cechan *to Lia* :WHY YOU!!!!

<And I didn't tell everything. *grins* could have been worse for Ami-chan you know. At least I didn't destroy *all* his illusions! :)>

Amichan: ...
Suboshi *entering*:hi all! Pheb, may I use the computer, I want to play FF7!!! *remarks the silence in the rooms, and the strange faces* ooops, maybe I should go away... *walks out of the ro...
*BAM* *Tasuki and Suboshi on the floor*
Tasuki: you idiot!!!! I'm gonna!!! Li...
Suboshi: sorry, didn't mean to bump in you
Tasuki: still!!!!
Suboshi: come on! we have to go away,they three are having an important discussion!!!
Tasuki: about what????
Suboshi: how am I supposed to know????
Tasuki *getting up, walking to Lia*:what's that you were talking about?
Suboshi:shhhhh!!!!! Don't talk!!!!!!!
Lia: my sadistic habits.
Tasuki *shocked*: you sadistic?
Cechan *small ironic laugh*: if you knew what she told me about you!
Tasuki *grabing Cechan's arm*: tell me, I wanna know!
Cechan: she loves seeing you fly in the sky, when you get booted by Nuriko!
Tasuki: what???? she likes having me hurt???
Lichan *to Celes*: WHY YOU!!!!!
Cechan *grins*: hehe, you should remember I'm more sadistic than you!

<Now *that* was mean of you. How could you have told Tauki that?!! I trusted you!!! *sob* *sob* *GRINS*>

Hotohori *entering*
*Amichan, Suboshi, tasuki, bowing*
*Cechan and Lichan still staring at each other, Cechan:ironically; Lichan:furious*
Hotohori: huh? why don't you two pay me the respect I deserve!
Lia: she...!
Cechan: oh! take a hike, we don't need an emp here!!!!
Hotohori *shocked*: are they mad???
               *to the guys*: could one of you tell me what started this?
Amichan :*sigh*, it's me...
Hotohori: huh?

<Yes it's him. It's *always* Ami-chan's fault. (Hey! the guy *willingly* wants to take the balme so who are we to say no?!! ^_^)>

Amichan *making Hotohori read the mail, explains the whole thing*
Hotohori: LOL, for this???
Amichan *sadly*: yes, sir.

<Childish of us wasn't it? Well we don't care. :))>

Hotohori: don't worryk, I've got an idea *walks out of the room* *walks in again*
Nuriko *entering*: The tea is on the table!witgh cakes and cookies!!!!
Celes+Lia:Cakes?cookies? *rushing out of the rooms*
Nuriko *bloking the doorway*: nope! you too make peace first!
Cechan: no way!
Lichan: no way!
Nuriko: well, we'll est the cakes and cookies without you then
Celes+Lia: NOOOOOO!!!!!!! We want to have some too!!!
Nuriko: then...
*Celes and Lia looking at eachother* *smile* *LOL LOL LOL* *Laughing in eachother's arms*
*Amichan, Tasuki, Suboshi, Hotohori, Nuriko, astonished*
Celes+Lia* turning to them*: we had you, didn't we? you thought we were making war! LOL, this was all made up!

<Ah... it was a memorable moment yesterday with all the looks on their faces. As if we'd *actually* quarrel-quarrel. I think we're less petty than that no? *BIG GRIN* :)) Of course, you *had* to disappear again with Ami-chan didn't you? *sigh* ^_^>

Tasuki :well, that's better. *taking Lia's hand* come on, the cakes awaits us
Lichan *smile*
*exit Tasuki and Lia*

<Lichan: *cough* *cough* *splutter* *splutter* "the cakes AWAITS us"?!! Tasuki-chan, are you sure you're alright?!! *takes tempererature* no... you don't have a fever or anything... Where have you been? To *finishing* school or something?!!
Tasuki: Aw crap! I try to talk nice in girly-girly language and that's the reaction I get! BAKA! I ain't trying no more! That's why I hate girls... they're never pleased!
Lichan: Aww.... you did that for me? How sweet.... (thinking maybe he *could* be reformed after all...)
Tasuki: *blushing*
Lichan: *quickly running away* *bursts out laughing* BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! "the cakes AWAITS?!!!" BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh no, that's it! I think I'm going to die of laughter!!! *rolls on the floor*
Tasuki entering: STOP LAUGHING!!!!
Lichan suddenly looking serious: No really Tasuki-chan. It was sweet of you to try. *smiling* Just, the next time, employ normal english. I'm not asking for much, just omit all the swear words... *smiles sweetly*
Tasuki: *blushing* aw crap.....
Btw Ce-chan, that was what happened to me and Tasuki after you stayed on with your Ami-chan *grins* Now you don't go telling tales on me again (*don't* tell Tasuki I told you that incident k? *grins* :))>

Nuriko, Suboshi, Hotohori leave
Celes: don't you want to eat?
Amichan: nope. I came here to be with you, not to be with the others.
Celes: then wait a sec. *exit**comes back with a cake*
Celes: here, we can be alone, AND eat
Amichan *smiles again*

<I'm not sick, I'm not sick, I'm not sick.... :))) No, I'll never be sick again. ^_^ Ha!  Thought I'd *really* go green didn't ya? ^_^>

the end

PS:Amiboshi is SOOOO Kawaii when he smiles!!!!

<*sigh* Don't I *know* that. *looking hopefully* Lend him for one day?!!
Ce-chan: NO!!!! And that *final*
Li-chan: *pouts* ain't fair. *brightening up* It's ok, never mind!! *running out* Tasuki!! Nuriko!! Hotohori!! Where are you all?!!! *grins*>

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