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An other little story...

Lichan *via mails to Celes*: Btw, if you see Tama-chan could you kindly say that I gave back the money I owned him (yeah, I was thirsty and I borrowed 50c from him to buy a coke ... Miaka had already spend *all* her money on food :) Hoto-chan had ancient China currency like the others... as if *that* could have helped me *snickers* ^_^, so anyway, could you tell him that please? And INSIST on the fact that he can forget about the interest he says I own him. I will *not* pay any interest (especially NOT for 50c!!) ^_^, and I do not OWN anybody any interest (over my dead body! ^_^)>>

Cechan *viamails to Lia*: *crossing fingers* well, I told him, he said you should give those 50 cents, plus one c of interest to me. I'll give them to him.  Oh, and he also said *not crossing the fingers anymore* that if you refused to pay the interest, you'll have some BIG trouble. I wouldn't try if I were you

Lia *via mails to Lia*: For the last time I don't *own* him any interest. (except in his dreams. ^_^). I don't care. When I lend or borrow money from people, I don't even *think* of interest. I'm not paying and that's final.
Besides ... I have Tasuki *big grin*

at Lia's place
Li-chan: *grabbing onto Tasuki's arm* Tasuki! Tama-chan says I own him interest and that if I didn't pay I'd be in big trouble!
Tasuki exclaiming out loud: What?!! Oni boy said that?!! BAKA! Don't worry!! I won't let him do anything!!
Li-chan: *grinning* Lekkha Shinen?
Tasuki: *grinning even wider* You bet!

Lia *via mails to Cechan*: See Ce-chan? No problem at all! *grins*

at Lia's place
entering Tamahome
Tama: I want my money and my interest back!
Lia: I don't own no interest to anyone! so take a hike!
Tama: WHY you!!!!
Tasuki: nope, better not do that, or
Tama *arrogant*: or what? Lekkha Shinen? hehe, I'm used to that!
Tasuki *furious*: Lekkha Shi..
enters Amichan and Celes
Amichan *seeing the scene*: opss *takes his flute, plays*
Tasuki: ZZZZzzzzz
Lia *screaming*: Tasuki!!!!! you are suposed to protect me, not sleep!!!!!
Celes: why? what's the matter?
Tamachan: she doesn't want to pay me my 51 cents she owns me!
Celes: well, let's play. you two, Tama and Lichan, have to give me money to make Tasuki either sleep or wake up. I only take the money of one of you *the one who is ready to bet the highest* and he will be able to chose either Tasuki sleeps, or wakes up. ok? lets' start the bet at 51 cents!
Tamachan: 52!
Li: 55!
T: 60!
Li: 1$
T *Arg, why is she going so high!!!*: 1.50!
Li *my, if this continues, I won't have any pocket money left from my hongbaos!!!* 2$
T : 5$ *what??? Am I crazy, this money was for Miaka!!!*
Li-chan *taking her wallet , counting her money*
Ce: 5$ once, 5$twice...
Lichan: say it's sold. cos I don't have more than 5 dollars...
Cechan: ok, give me your five dollars, Tamachan! What will it be, sleep, or wake up?
Tamachan *falling in tears* but I need the money for Miaka, I can't pay! boohoohooo...
Celes: okok, you don't pay, but then Lichan doesn't own you any interest, ok?
Tamachan: anything!!!
Celes: and the 50c she owned you will be mine?
Tamachan: okok
Celes: Miaka! come in take Tamachan! he needs you
Miaka enters, takes Tama with her leaves*
Celes *turning to Lia* : my money?
Lia: here are your fifty cents!
Celes *turning to Amichan*: come, let's go and buy some sweets!!!

the end

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