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A small fic by both of us

Celes [via email]: I did a banner for the FY page to sign guestbook and such, wanna see it?
Lia[via emails]: Yeah! Send it to me! I wanna see!! You wouldn't want to do an StS banner as well would you? *grins* Btw, how to you actually manage to put the banner in a guestbook? Do you paste it or something? I never actually knew. :)
Tasuki: Banner? What banner?
Lia: Gen-chan! You're reading over my shoulder! What if this was a *private* e-mail? You can't peep at other people's e-mail without asking their permission you know!
Tasuki: Why? You have secrets that I don't know about?
Lia: Weeeeell... not *exactly*
Tasuki: What do you exactly mean by...
Lia [interrupting quickly to change conversation]: Do you think Cechan's banner has your face on it?
Tasuki [astonished]: Why wouldn't it?
Lia: Well, knowing Cechan, she'd probably put only Amiboshi and Suboshi on it! *laughs*
Hotohori [entering and looking shocked and offended]: What did I hear? She wouldn't put my lovely face on her banner? How can she make an Fy banner without me on it? It's impossible!
Lia: Hi Hoto-chan! Nice of you to drop by!
Hotohori: Yes, yes, I know you are pleased to see me. Everybody always is. [note: what modesty! :)] What was this about the banner again?
Lia: I didn't *say* your face wasn't on the banner! I was just wondering what the banner looked like! I mean, it's not as if I *saw* the banner already.
Hotohori [looking relieved]: I trust Cechan. She wouldn't *do* a banner without me. It's *humanly* impossible!
Lia [murmuring]: Yeah you wished!
Hotohori: What was that you were saying Lichan?
Lia [quickly]: Nothing!
Tasuki: Coming back to above, what was that you were saying about secrets!
Lia [vehemently]: Nothing!!
Tasuki [getting angry]: Baka! Are you keeping secrets from me?!!
Lia [getting angry too]: No I'm not!! And quit swearing in my face!
Tasuki [loudly]: K'so! I didn't swear!!
Lia [loudly too]: Oh yeah?! And what was that "k'so" word and that "baka" word above?!!
Tasuki [getting red]: It's a form of speech damn it!!! and I wouldn't swear so much if you didn't make me angry all the time!!
Lia [choking with anger]: Me?!! So now it's *my* fault?!! How lame an excuse can you get?!!
Hotohori [sensing imminent catastrophy coming... he isn't the emperor for nothing you know!]: Erm... guys... I think I have to leave now..... my wife's waiting for me.....
Tasuki [ignoring Hotohori]: How about the time you flammed me with my tessen?!!
Lia: It was an accident!!
Tasuki: Yeah right.
Lia [grabbing an escaping Hotohori]: Hoto-chan! You were there! You tell him! Was it my fault?!
Hotohori [hesitating]: Erm... well.. I... well.. [looking at furious Lia] you see... I think.... I'm not sure.... [staring at a very *furious* Tasuki] erhum.... I can't say... I don't remember.....[trying to wiggle away] you know..... It's normal.... hehehe... look at the ... time... I'm going to be late...... Houki... my son.... dinner.... [Lia still holding onto him firmly] my stomach.... no energy.... go.... leave....[looks at both of them staring at him and notices they appear to have fallen asleep] ...hum.... what was the question again?
Lia [who had been day-dreaming, as Hoto-chan's *long* hesitations were slowly putting her to sleep]: Hum? what? [snaps out of her reverie]
Tasuki [snoring]:  zzzz.... huh? Errrr? What?
Hotohori [crossing fingers]: The question again?
Lia [scratching her head]: Hum... good question... what was the question Gen-chan?
Hotohori [smiling and thinking]: She called him Gen-chan. Alright! I'm saved!
Tasuki: No idea Lichan [shrugs shoulders] who cares any way right?
Lia [nodding head]: Right.
Hotohori [hesitatingly]: hum... Lichan?
Lia: Yes?
Hotohori: Could you let go of me please? [sweatdrop]
Lia: what? Oh? Sorry. Yes, of course [lets go of him. Hotohori quickly disappears]
Hotohori: Bye!
Tasuki [seeing him leave]: Well, I better got too [leaves]
Lia: What was *that* all about? [puzzled]

Lia [via e-mail]:I think it replies to the question "did you see Tasuki today?". Don't worry, we don't actually quarrel, it's more like a verbal competition we do for fun. :) So, did *you* see Amiboshi? (you have such a *perfect* relationship with him! *sigh*)
Tasuki: what? You mean we don't?
Lia: Hey! What are you still doing here?!
Tasuki: *grins* Forgot something. What was that about the relationship between Cechan and Amiboshi?
Lia: Nothing except that it's very sweet and perfect. *They* never quarrel.
Tasuki: No but they get lovey-dovey. You want that?
Lia: Yuck! Not to that extend I think! I'd get sick!
Tasuki: *grins* Yeah, me too.
Lia [relieved]: What did you forget btw?
Tasuki: Not me, you! How about a good-bye kiss?
Lia: Okay....[goes near Tasuki]... [SNAP!]
[sorry, private moment, no comment. Hey! Do *you* let me see what you do with Amichan? No right? Don't worry, it's probably just a peck on the cheek].
Lia: Cechan! Have fun! Tchao!

[at Celes' home, a while later]
Celes [reading her emails in traquility]
[Tasuki and hotohori steping in, furiously, bamming the door]
Tasuki:Why you!!! How did you dare!!!
Celes: huh?
Hotohori: Yes indeed, this is outrageous!
Celes: what?
Tasuki: how could you!
Celes: what's...
Hotohori: You lack a sense a honour!
Celes: really?
Tasuki: and of friendship!
Celes: since when?
Hotohori: Putting them two could be understandable!
Celes: who two?
Tasuki: but it wasn't enough!
Celes: enough?
Hotohori: you lack of taste!
Celes [scratching her head]
Tasuki: indeed!
Celes [shouting]: STOP!
Tasuki: why?
Celes: If at least you could speak english, and stop all this mumbling nobody understands!!!! What are you two talking about???
Hotohori: don't act as if you didn't know!
Celes: danm it! You two are crazy or what!
Tasuki: that's too much already [taking out his tessen] Lekkha...
[bam] [tessen on the ground] [blood droping out of Tasuki's hand]
Tasuki: ouch!
Celes: thanks Suboshi!
Suboshi [furious] [to Tasuki]: how'd you dare lay a hand on her?
Tasuki [taking tessen back]: I'm gonna flame you!
Hotohori [sweatdrop]: gulps...I wouldn't if I were you... Or you might regret it...
Tasuki: No way! I won't ever!
Hotohori: look at Cechan, you'll understand..
Tasuki [looks] Ack! [sweating] you might be right... but... NO! I'm a man! Suboshi, die! Lekkha....
[pshit...] [doors open at the same time] [arrows gets in the wall, at 1 cm of somebody's head]
Amiboshi [surprised]: Celes? Since when do you greet me with an arrow at just this of my head????
Celes: Curse! Tasuki! Why did you move! I almost killed Amichan cos of you! now where are you! Show yourself for goddanm sake!!!
[Tasuki is nowhere to be seen]
Celes [goes near the closet] [opens door] [Tasuki falls]
Celes: Now you call that a man?
Tasuki: I'm gonna!!!
Suboshi: don't you....
Hotohori [sensing he should take part] could we stop all this and start all over again?
Amichan: No way! I don't want to take a real arrow in my head this time! And I haven't appreciated the welcoming at all! Farewell all! [leaves]
Celes [running after him] No!!!!
Celes: No, this can't be....Why???? [comes back in the room, goes to a sit, falls down]
Hotohori: did I say something wrong? Sorry.
Suboshi: couldn't you hold your tongue for once, hey???? See what you did! Now Cechan and big bro quarreled for the first time! And it's going to be difficult to make nissan forget!
Tasuki: Who cares, anyway! one, they were loveydovey, two, she deserves it!
Suboshi: What????
Celes [looking depressed] why did you come here and shout at me in the first place?
Hotohori and Tasuki: the banner!
Suboshi: what  banner?
Hotohori and Tasuki: shut up! you should know! You're one of the two only people on it!
Celes: huh, what banner? the FY banner you mean?
Hotohori and Tasuki: YES!
Celes: what's the problem with it?
Hotohori and Tasuki: we ain't on it, that's the problem!!!
Celes: ... but you are on it! Even Nakago, Miaka and Yui are!!!!!!!!
Hotohori and Tasuki: WHAT???
Celes: but of course! Look [shows the banner]
Hotohori [looking at Tasuki]: ohoh... we better go now!
Tasuki: yeah, right!
Celes [falling in tears] just because of this.... Amichan....
Hotohori and Tasuki: Sorry Cechan...
Suboshi: sorry? you mad???? You make her cry and the only thing you do and say is sorry!!! you don't know how to handle women you two! [goes to Celes] [raises her head] [kisses her]
Hotohori [blushing] [closing Tasuki's eyes] don't look, you're too young!
Hotohori and Tasuki [leave]

For those who want to see the banner which we were talking about, here it is:
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[a while later, Lia's place]
Lia [playing with her computer]: Argh.... have to do a Saint Seiya banner [starts doing it]
Tasuki [entering suddenly]: Lichan!! Help me!!!
Lia [astonished]: Huh?
Tasuki [going green]: I'm feeling *very* sick!!
Hotohori [entering]: My goodness Tasuki you're still sick and feeling uneasy?
Tasuki [painfully]: *Nauseous* is more the term for it Koutei Heika!!
Lia: huh?
Hotohori: I'm afraid Tasuki might have just had a very *hard* and dfficuly psychological shock.
Lia [more puzzled than ever]: Huh?!!
Tasuki: Lia... I fell sick... I think I'm going to die.... [falls in her arms]
Lia [puzzled and getting angry]: HUH?!!!!
Tasuki: Lichan..........
Lia [angry]: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!!!
Hotohori: Well, it all started when.... bzzz...bzzz...we barged in... and then...Amichan....arrow....quarrel.....Suboshi...*kissing*!!....Cechan.... saw... fell sick.....
Lia [laughing]: That's *all*?!! [pushing Tasuki away] You poor dear, I thought you got poisoned or something [sounds relieved not to have to bear a heavy Tasuki on her lap anymore].
Tasuki [suddenly getting up]: Baka! Where's your sense of compassion?!! I could have almost died there!!!
Lia [tears of laughter coming out from her eyes]: From *that*?!! Gen-chan, you couldn't and *wouldn't* have died!!
Tasuki: I know, I know [looking offended] but...
Lia: you should have got used to those kind of scenes by now.
Tasuki [pacing up]: I know, I know, but Cechan and amiboshi is one thing and Cechan and Suboshi is another!!
Hotohori [nods nods]: I thought Cechan and Amiboshi were a pair, how could Suboshi do *this* to his brother?!! [shocked]
Lia [coughing uneasily]: Well you see..... [turning red and getting closer to both Tasuki and Hotohori] think of it as two in one...
Tasuki/Hotohori [astonished]: Two in one?!!!
Lia [embarassed]: Weeelllll.... twins *do* share a lot in common... and...bzzz...bzz....bzzzz.... [explains *whole* situation]
[after ten minutes....]
Hotohori [clearly in shock]: I see.
Tasuki [more green than before]: I think I'm going to puck. [runs away to find a place to vomit]
Hotohori [going green also]: I don't think I feel so well either... I think I'd better join Tasuki [leaves hurriedly]
Lia [alone]: Sigh. Maybe I explained too much aye Cechan? Guess they were not prepared for me revelation. I should have been more gentle and tacful [shrugs shoulders] but after all, who cares?  * evil grin* [changing conversation] btw, really nice banner, of course, you can't see the features clearly because it's a banner thus it *has* to be small but, sigh, guess that's life. ^_^. I just did an StS one also. It's very simple, less nice than your one, less complicated but I think I'll keep it because well, I want to. *smiles*

For those who want to see the 2nd banner which we were talking about, here it is:
*this is our StS site's banner, please, don't use it for your site. The 2 images are copyright by their respective owners, which unfortunately aren't us...*

[Celes' place]
Celes [reading mails]: LOL.
Suboshi [entering] what's so funny, Ce-sama?
Celes [smiling]: read what happened when Tasuki and Hotohori came back to Lia's place!
Suboshi [reads]: My goodness, they are stupid! I know they get sick of muchy scenes, but didn't know they also got sick of passionate scenes!
Celes: LOL, I wonder if Lia and Tasuki will ever kiss *like real kiss* if Tasuki keeps getting sick of it!
Suboshi [shrugs shoulders]: they probably will stay to that kiss on the cheek.
Celes [getting near Suboshi]: but they're lacking something!
Suboshi [taking Celes in her arms, kissing her **]: you bet!
Celes [closing the window] I wouldn't want the others to see if they come back here!
Lia [steeping in] hi you two! Suboshi??? How come it's not your brother here??
Suboshi [blushing red red red] well... hum...
Lia: Celes? are you two timing???
Celes [blushing too] well.... not really....
Lia: LOL! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!
Celes [smiling] thanks, you're a pal!
Suboshi: but... I better go know, see ya! [leaves]
Celes [sigh] now the time's gonna be long before seing the bro's again... especially Amichan....
Lia: won't he come back?
Celes: it will probably depend on if Suboshi manages to convince him or not.
Lia: after what you two did???
Celes [smiling] he already knows.
Lia[astonished]: what???? and he accepts???
Celes [laughing] not when he's around, but otherwise yes! He doesn't wants his little bro to suffer again. Yui's with Miaka's brother's friend, and so Suchan was quite heartbroken at first. I make him forget...
Lia [shocked]: but.
Celes: don't say anything. I told everything.

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