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Poor Tasuki...

Lia [screaming]: TASUKI!!!! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU ?!!!!!!
Tasuki [sweating]: yes, yes, I'm here, [sweatdrop] you wanted something Lichan?
Lia [brandishing pic of him and Miaka kissing]: What is this exactly [cold, calm, hard stare].
Tasuki [laughs embarassedly]: ahh...oh... *that* [thinking: shit! I'm in trouble now! Arrghh!!! Women!] I can explain everything!
Lia [raising eyebrow]: Oh? Explain then please [dangerously sweet voice with dangerously sweet smile].
Tasuki [stammering]: Well... you see... Miaka was drowning... mouth to mouth rescucitation.... saved her life.... [getting desperate].
Lia [still looking at him coldly]:  Oh? Is that so?
Tasuki :Erm... yes.
Lia: I think that's so.... SWEET!!! [laughing out loud]
Tasuki [in disbelief]: Huh? You do? [regaining compusture] Erm, yeah, of course you do! I mean, I saved her!
Lia [wiping tear of laughter out]: You *knew* I was joking right?
Tasuki [proud look]: Oh course I did!
Lia [smiling]: Good because I wasn't.
Tasuki [facefaulting].
Lia: Bwahahahahaha!!!! Oh my goodness... I *love* it when you do that HAHahahaha!!! [barely contained laughter].
Tasuki [offended]: STOP IT!
Lia [calming down]: Sorry [BIG GRIN].
Tasuki : You asked me down for *that*?!!
Lia [sweetly]: Yes.
Tasuki [getting angry]: Liaaa.....
Lia [hastely]: Ok, so not only that. I wanted to ask you why you and Hotochan got sick when you saw Suboshi and Cechan kissing innocently...
Tasuki [interrupting quickly]: It was a *FRENCH* kiss!!!
Lia: ..whatever, same thing.
Tasuki [looking in disbelief]: you *gotta* be kidding me. Your best friend's betraying her boyfriend and you're actually saying it's ok?
Lia: Well, yes?
Tasuki: Liaa......[stressing]
Lia [defensively]: But I mean, it's not as if Amichan didn't know!
Tasuki [exclaiming]: WHAT?!!!! [shocked] HE KNOWS?!!!
Lia: of course he does.
Tasuki: And he *accepts* ?!! [disbelief look accross his face].
Lia: Weeelll.... Technically, yes. :) I mean, as long as Suchan is happy.
Tasuki [slumps down on ground]: get to me again?
Lia [grinning]: Don't worry Cechan, I'll explain everything to Genchan and convince him somehow.
[after 4 hours of resonning, debating, pleading etc...]
Tasuki: ok. I get the point.
Lia [sighing in relief]: Finally!!!
Tasuki: It's like for a man... but for a woman right?
Lia: About that. *grins*
Tasuki: what is the world coming too?!!
Lia: bah. Think of it as a temporary arrangement. As soon as Suchan falls in love again, Cechan will be *only* amichan's one.
Tasuki: I'm going back for some fresh air.
Lia: Do so [Tasuki leaving] And don't forget to explain to Hotohori!!!! [raise voice]
Tasuki [tiredly]: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pfff. Women! [waves hand in goodbye.]
Lia: See Cechan, I managed to explain *everything*. Now, next time Tasuki sees you and Suchan kissing like *that* again, he won't fall sick! [wink].... but he'll probably go away.... and so would I just in case we turned green or something. But at least we won't be shocked [winks].

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