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Here are a few scenes, small stories, and small fanfics we wrote. It's not much, but you will have to know who are the characters in the fanfics to understand. Some are not just Fushigi Yuugi related, but include crossing-overs with Saint Seiya (a manga/anime, by Masami Kurumada) characters. 
<Celes> What is more, each time you read Celes/Cechan/Pheb/Phoebe or even C, that's is me.
<Lia> and when you read Lia/Lichan/Ja or even L that is me.
<Celes> Sometimes, after a while, some characters are called by the first letter of their name (for example: S for Suboshi)
<Lia> Hope you have fun. We had some writting them!
<Celes> but I sincerely recommened that you know a bit of Saint Seiya, and a bit of Fushigi Yuugi before you read, that might help you understand. There are many well-done sites on the net, you can find easily. 
<Celes and Lia> Enjoy! But let us warn you: DO NOT READ THEM *you'll understand why we say that if you do ;)*
This is the first small fic we wrote over ICQ. since we didn't finish it live *it was, after all, over midnight* we finished it both via mails, so you have 2 different endings to the same beggining.

A short story I *Celes* wrote in answer to Lia's question: have you seen your Ami-chan yet? Aw.... couldn't you lend him to me for a day?...
all what is writen between <...> is what Lichan wrote back when she read the story

Another short story we wrote via mails, about some money Lichan owned to Tamachan...

A short story we wrote via mails, about some banner we created for this FY page. 
*A third short story

We warned you not to read them... They're just crap ;) but who cares? 


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