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A small tribute to:

Fushigi Yuugi


Fushigi  Yuugi is a manga and anime written by Yuu Watase , telling the  story of two friends, Miaka and Yui, both taken in an other world, where they become respectively Suzaku No Miko and Seiryuu no Miko . 

This page is not here to tell you the story of this two young girls, nor give infos on the characters that appear in the manga, but only to present fanarts and fanfictions (Fushigi Yuugi related of course) written by us, that is Celes and Lia. 

We hope you will enjoy this small page. If you have any comments, any remarks, or anything  you want to tell or ask us, you may e-mail us. And if you have some time to spare for us, feel free to drop a word in our guestbook. 

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