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Links are very important in all of Fushigi Yuugi. Relations of all kind (brotherhood, friendship, love and more) are to be seen everywhere throughout the serie. And it is only natural to illustrate this by giving, here in this page, links to other websites. Follow their paths and they will lead you either to Fushigi Yuugi pages, or to other anime webpages. If you want your site to be linked here, just drop a message and we will do so. The email address lies at the bottom of the page.

Links to other FY pages:

Here is a link where you can get usefull infos:

Amiboshi or Suboshi lover? try out this page:


Links to other sites:

This will lead you to the other site we created, concerning Saint Seiya. If you haven't heard of that serie yet, check it out, it is great! *our site isn't really great, but the serie is!*


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